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Abysinians are a colorful breed of cat known the world over for their beauty and personality
Pictured above is "Farrah The Tarrah" our very first Aby and foundation queen. (age 4 months)
We are Jean & Dan Gullahorn and we live near Pensacola, Florida. We have been breeding and showing Abyssinian cats for about 20 years. As members of the Abyssinian Cat Club of America as well as members of the CFA Abyssinian Breed Council, we are dedicated to the promotion and continued welfare of the Abyssinian breed. Our primary aim in breeding Abys is to produce healthy well adjusted cats for the show ring.


The Abyssinian is a wonderful cat known the world over for it's demeanor and alertness. The Aby is a very people oriented animal

*Pictured above is another one of our "Couch Cougars"

and makes a wonderful companion. They are always looking for new adventures and can hardly wait to play the next game of "Cat and Mouse"!!! The Abyssinian is not a typical lap cat, but is more interested in helping with the daily chores and sitting by your side. They tend to be somewhat dog like while some may learn to fetch, many like to greet you at door when you arrive home in the evening. They like to snuggle up with you  at night and "head bump" you as the alarm goes off in the morning. We recommend them to families with dogs, one or two other cats, or children over age 6. For more information just check out the FAQ page.


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